Yesterday on the UCU Activists List

Exciting news! Have a look at today’s UCU Activists List digest:

1. FW: Association of University Teachers in Gaza calls for BDS
2. Re: Crisis in Gaza
3. Jenna Delich was right to take down Harry’s Place
4. Fw: Support Karen Reissmann: 8.15 – 9.30am, Monday 26 Jan, first day of ET, support rally, corner of Bridge St / Parsonage St, Legal Defence Fund, Fundraising Social, Friday 23 Jan, 8pm to late
5. The debate on Gaza
6. who broke the ceasefire
7. Re: The debate on Gaza
8. RE: who broke the ceasefire
9. RE: who broke the ceasefire
10. RE: who broke the ceasefire
11. Fwd: Gaza: Why you should demonstrate on 10 January
12. Re: who broke the ceasefire
13. RE: Fwd: Gaza: Why you should demonstrate on 10 January
14. RE: who broke the ceasefire
15. Demo on Saturday – please read
16. Re: Demo on Saturday – please read
17. RE: Crisis in Gaza
18. Re: Demo on Saturday – please read
19. Re: Demo on Saturday – please read

Did you notice it?

Yes, there was actually ONE message there about a worker who has been sacked. Admittedly, Karen Reissmann isn’t actually a member of the UCU, but supporting somebody who has lost their job, arguably as a result of their union activity, is much much better than supporting Hamas.

There are a number of choice extracts from today’s bibble. I quite enjoyed this from Haim Bresheeth, Professor of No, Like, Did You See That Amazing Amazing Film, Yeah?:

The total weight of explosives used by the Luftwafe was less than 1% of that used by Israel in Gaza.

All the usual suspects are there, but I particularly enjoyed this from John Baxter, of Hillsborough College , Sheffield. I can’t find Mr Baxter on the website; although I can, of course, find him on the pages of the pages of the Socialist Worker, the newspaper of the racist and totalitarian party of the same name. Therefore I can’t tell whether he teaches Fine Art, Textiles, Illustration and Fashion, Amenity Horticulture and Garden Design, or merely A Levels. Anyhow, this is what he has to say:

Subject: Jenna Delich was right to take down Harry’s Place
From: “John Baxter”
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 17:38:20 -0800
X-Message-Number: 3

Dear All,

The official activist list is back and just as before in May and August when similarly as now an intense debate raged about the Union’s position on the actions of the Israeli state,some list members chose to leak the postings and debate on an internal union site onto a public site, a so called libertarian blog, Harry’s Place. This is again happening today including right to this minute and is providing  political low life with an opportunity to abuse and vilify individual UCU members posting on the list, their cultural identities, their professional standing and  their employing  institutions. Through the personal diatribes  glares a hatred- a hatred of education and a hatred of knowledge. Are the UCU members leaking from the list so enfeebled in their defence of Israel in the face of overwhelming evidence of mass murder in Gaza that all they can manage  is to resort to such cowardly connivance in internet abuse?

This time they missed Jenna Delich though she always qualifies for incidental  referencing there-she was on the short-lived alt list that Sue Blackwell set up.We saw her at the Sheffield demonstration last Saturday-photos on Indymedia UK-Sheffield .She had a lot to say on the alt list and it was consistent with what she was saying in May and August about Gaza when  some people were desperate to shut her up.Events are showing it is hard to silence the truth.She also on the alt list initiated some discussion about product boycott which might bear re-circulating, including other alt list posters on this.Can I encourage
them to post on this?

regards to all in this year of very rude awakenings

I should thank John Baxter for reminding me about Jenna Delich. Jenna Delich, you will remember, was banned from the UCU List after we pointed out that she had been circulating links to an article by a neo Nazi, on the website of the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke. The extreme Left members on the UCU List sprung to her defence, and argued that the article wasn’t by a neo Nazi (it was), that it was factually accurate, (it wasn’t), that it contained no anti-semitic material (it did), and that it was a ‘one off mistake’. Then I published other examples of Jenna Delich circulating further links on the UCU List to other far right material.

At the suggestion of another extreme Left wing member of the UCU List – Mike Cushman – somebody contacted our ISP and got Harry’s Place taken down for about 48 hours.

I have called and emailed Mike Cushman a few times to ask for an apology, but he refused to give me one.

I particularly enjoy the bit in Baxter’s email in which he gets all outraged about abusing the “cultural identities” of people. The stupid Trot.