Indonesia: More “Blame the Jews” Demonstrations

This is a guest post by Ben Cohen of Z Word

On this and on other blogs (for example here and here), you can see various photos of pro-Hamas demonstrations around the world. This one is from Surabaya, Indonesia.

The building they are demonstrating outside of is a synagogue.

Antara News reports:

Anti-Israel demonstrators sealed the Beth Hashem synagogue in Surabaya, East Java, on Wednesday in protest against the atrocities committed by Israeli military on Palestinians.

The sealing of the synagogue was the follow-up of the demonstration held by activists of Islamic mass organizations in front of the Grahadi state building.

The action to seal the synagogue led by the general chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema of East Java, KH Abdusshomad Buchori, was initially marked by orations condemning Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier the demonstrators burned the Israeli flag and raised the Palestinian flag in front the synagogue that had seldom been used by the Jewish people in Surabaya.

“If Israel would not stop its attacks on Palestine we will conduct a sweep on sympathizers, supporters and Israeli agents in East Java,” Abdusshomad said.

That threat encapsulates the utterly sinister, barbarous nature of the antisemitism which the Hamas salonistas in the west believe is a fabrication to deflect criticism of Israel.