Obama gets some advice from Bartlet

Now that he’s on top again Barack Obama needs to stay there so could do with some expert advice and really who better to provide it than everybody’s favourite Democratic ex-President.  In the New York Times ‘West Wing’ creator Aaron Sorkin imagines what a meeting between Obama and President Jed Bartlet might be like:

Bartlet: That was a hell of a convention.

Obama: Thank you, I was proud of it.

Bartlet:  I meant the Republicans. The Us versus Them-a-thon. As a Democrat I was surprised to learn that I don’t like small towns, God, people with jobs or America. I’ve been a little out of touch but is there a mandate that the vice president be skilled at field dressing a moose —

Obama: Look —

Bartlet: — and selling Air Force Two on eBay?

Obama: Joke all you want, Mr. President, but it worked.

Bartlet: Imagine my surprise. What can I do for you, kid?

Obama: I’m interested in your advice.

Bartlet: I can’t give it to you.

Obama: Why not?

Bartlet: I’m supporting McCain.

Obama: Why?

Bartlet: He’s promised to eradicate evil and that was always on my “to do” list.

Obama: O.K. —