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George Galloway and His Fans

George Galloway works for the Iranian Government’s propaganda station, Press TV.

Here he is, on the Real Deal, laying into David Henshaw, the producer of Undercover Mosque.

Galloway’s arguments are laughably poor. They are as follows:

1.   Why did Undercover Mosque film undercover, rather than asking the official representatives of Islam to express their views in an interview or debate?

2.  Why did Undercover Mosque pick on Muslims, when the Old Testament is filled with hateful material about gays and apostates?

3.  Why doesn’t Dispatches attack Zionists instead?

4.  There are no preachers in Islam, so Umm Amira – the subject of the programme – couldn’t be described as a preacher.

5.  In any case, the woman who was recorded as saying “He is Muslim and he gets out of Islam, he doesn’t want any more. What are we going to do? We kill him, kill, kill” was doing no more than reading from a text, and is therefore analogous to a vicar reading from the Old Testament.

Henshaw asks Galloway when he has ever heard a vicar call for the killing of homosexuals or apostates. In fact, that’s pretty much all he asks. He doesn’t really get an answer: because the answer is that vicars in this country – even at their most hateful and bigotted – do not call for the killing of gays and apostates.

Galloway is utterly skewered. However, on he storms. He raves about Jerry Falwell. He fusses a lot about Zionists. He accuses Henshaw of attacking a Muslim woman on the first day of Ramadan. Finally, he calls Henshaw a hooligan and threatens to have his thrown out of the building, before hurridly declaring the programme over.

Watch the programme. I suspect that your reaction, like mine, will be that Galloway has no argument, and so resorts to innuendo and bluster. You may fairly wonder what sort of person finds Galloway a credible figure, when he so palpably fails to land a hit on his target.

In answer to that question, have a read of a few of the responses of George Galloway’s fans to the video.