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Mental notes

So, the TB memo, eh?

These notes are written to be leaked, aren’t they? They function more as public memes than private memos.

For what it’s worth, I think the memo hit some nails square on the head. Blair should never have been forced out. He was maneuvered out by Brownites who had no shame in amplifying and distorting supposed anti-Blair feeling amongst the electorate. They succeeded in poisoning the well without first ensuring that they could offer anyone anything to drink. The memo is thus absolutely correct when it states that  the Brownites “dissed our own record”.

Brown is a disaster for Labour.

When Blair says “The real problem was not the brilliance of the Tory conference, but the hubris and vacuity of our own. This meant the Tories, by having something to say on policy, appeared substantial and to represent the future,” he is spot on.

Sadly, history will – I am willing to bet – prove him right. In contrast to 30 years ago – the strategy seems to be to fine people if their bins overflow. Forget the ‘credit crunch’, it’s garbage like this that loses elections. Is smelly ‘Old Labour’ trying to make a come-back?

It’s a pity this memo wasn’t leaked earlier. Today it has the ring of an “I told you so”. A few months ago – and, crucially, if heeded (hahahaha) – it might have done some good. I fear it is now too late.

Naturally, Brown’s camp will now accuse Blair’s camp of treachery and sabotage. They’ll be right of course. But being right won’t alter the fact: Brown is an election loser.

Find someone else.