Student anti-Semites

A couple of months ago Spiegel Online ran an article by Matthias Küntzel, which tackles the failure of the German government to prevent the importation of anti-Semitic propaganda through Saudi Arabian and Egyptian satellite broadcasters. It also notes that anti-Semitic attitudes are also found in students, so the UK is not alone.

In 2007 the German Interior Ministry published a study on the worldviews of “Muslims in Germany,” the most comprehensive of its kind to date, which confirmed this trend. According to the study, “anti-Semitic attitudes were found among young Muslims far more often than among non-Muslim immigrants or domestic non-Muslims.” The study cited examples of Muslim students to illustrate that this anti-Semitism cannot be dismissed as the product of an underdog attitude within marginalized social groups, but instead represents an ideological way of thinking. “The pervasiveness of sweeping anti-Semitic prejudices among Muslim students was also noticeable,” the study pointed out. “Such prejudices, expressed indirectly by slightly more than one-third and in extreme form by about 10 percent of students, are significantly more common than anti-Christian sentiments.”

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