Tsvangirai’s missing article

A Guardian Comment piece by Morgan Tsvangirai has now gone, along with the 95 or more comments it collected. It is still in the Google Cache. Tsvangirai appeared to advocate the use of military force.

We do not want armed conflict, but the people of Zimbabwe need the words of indignation from global leaders to be backed by the moral rectitude of military force. Such a force would be in the role of peacekeepers, not trouble-makers. They would separate the people from their oppressors and cast the protective shield around the democratic process for which Zimbabwe yearns.

This is Zimbabwe explains why the article has gone:

An article that appeared in my name, published in the Guardian yesterday, does not reflect my position or opinions regarding solutions to the Zimbabwean crisis.

Although the Guardian was given assurances from credible sources that I had approved the article this was not the case.

By way of clarification I would like to state the following:

I am not advocating for military intervention in Zimbabwe by the United Nations or any other organization. The MDC is committed to finding an African solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe and appreciates the work of SADC in this regard. I am asking the African Union and SADC to lead an expanded initiative, supported by the United Nations, to manage the transitional process.