Come to Nandos N16!

My family and I have just returned from a delicious meal and Nandos, Church Street.

The restaurant is absolutely beautiful: decked out rather splendidly in wood, with a vaulted ceiling which must be one of the grandest architectural statements in Church Street. It was also full: of couples and families. The food was excellent. I had chicken with peri peri sauce; my wife had chicken livers with a Portuguese bun. As sides, we had sweet potato mash, and African rice. We shared a bottle of Stormhoek Pinot Grigio.  My son had eaten earlier, so he was treated to a chocolate mousse pudding, which he said was “Not nice – DELICIOUS!”


Nandos is part of a chain. Were it not, and were its prices two or three times as high, the people behind BoycottNandos.co.uk would be emailing all their friends to gush about “this simply incredible little Mozambiquian place we’ve discovered in our ‘village'”.

As it is, they’re not. Their loss.