Miscarriages and misreporting

Blair revealed loss of baby to avert Iraq panic.

 reads the headline in today’s Guardian, apparently quoting Cherie in her autobiography.

Cherie Blair has revealed that her husband and former prime minister decided to make a public announcement about her miscarriage to avoid public panic over invasion of Iraq.

My first thought was, “what a heartless bastard”, and the second was, “why is she revealing the fact her beloved husband is a heartless bastard?”.

Well, dear reader, all is explained a couple of paragraphs in:

In 2002 the Blairs were due to take a holiday to France and the prime minister feared that any delay or cancellation without explanation could trigger false speculation that an invasion of Iraq was imminent.

Ah, not so much a case of using private trauma to create a diversion, as pre-empting what would otherwise have been feverish and misplaced press speculation that an invasion was imminent.

And our sanctimonious media elite wonder why politicians ‘spin’?