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It Wasn’t Me!

A reader writes:

I thought you might like to have the picture I took of a spray-painted sign I saw under a bridge along the Hertford Union Canal near Victoria Park (Tower Hamlets) on Sunday 9 March. It says ‘Beware -George Galloway is the next Hitler’.

Hmmm. I wonder who did it? Well it caught my eye and thought it might give you a laugh or … something.

Venichka adds

Where’s my bloody hat-tip, David T? I mentioned this in one of the comments threads just t’other day…

There’s not just one of these: obviously a stencil (or indeed more than one, evidently) is doing the rounds: These words (perhaps somewhat exaggerated but in the right spirit) are all over London (again only to overstate the point a wee bit): although to say they are all over Bethnal Green and Bow….actually wouldn’t be that far from the truth.

and (my favourite of them, I think)
It wasn’t me either.