A Muslim Doctor writes

Dr Q. F. Zaman, a Muslim doctor working in Britain, comments on this story in The Times and asks several pertinent questions:

I am ashamed at what these Muslim doctors did. Unfortunately, I suffer more mental anguish than most as I am a Muslim doctor of specialist level who was happy and proud to have worked many years in the UK.The respect and love shown by the patients and public was great, but what can one expect now?

I do not know when will we Muslims realise that we have to do something constructive to improve ourselves and not destructive. Regardless of how many such stupid attempts are made, Muslims will remain in miserable conditions,as we are ourselves responsible for those.

Why are we not annoyed with daily killings of thousands of Muslims by Muslims? How is that does not raise anger among us? Somehow it is accepted, our last fifty years in Afghanistan,Iran, Iraq and other Muslim countries. It seems we shall never learn as we never take blame for anything. So how are we going to correct ourselves,if we are never at fault?

Dr.F Q Zaman.MD,MRCP London, Hamden, CT USA