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Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

The Guardian reports today that a new group of “secular-minded former Muslims in the UK” is calling on the government to cut all state funding to religious groups and to stop pandering to political Islam. Sounds like an idea to me.

Dubbed the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, it launched yesterday in London, and it opposes interference of religion in public life. Also good.

Spokeswoman, Maryam Namazie, told the paper that the group provided an alternative voice to the “regressive, parasitical and self-appointed leaders” from organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain and the “oxymoronic” Islamic Human Rights Commission.

“We want to challenge the Islamic movement,” she said. “It does not surprise me people are afraid to criticise Islam. There has been too much appeasement from the government. There are specific policies and initiatives aimed at Muslims and this approach divides society.”

Funnily enough the Muslim Council of Britain’s Inayat Bunglawala is not impressed. Perish the thought.