Justice then and now

First there was the Justice League:

justice league2.jpg

Now there’s the Alliance for Justice:

alliance for justice.jpg

That’s Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega on the right of the poster, which apparently was produced in honor of his recent visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

ortega and khamenei.jpg

Now I know that in this crazy world, the anti-imperialists, anti-Americans and anti-Zionists have to stick together. But I’ve never got a good answer from their apologists: why do these Latin American “leftists” insist on making such of show of solidarity with a regime that represses women, trade unionists, students and anyone else who dares to challenge them (not to mention hosting racists and Holocaust deniers)?

One is all but forced to believe that they really don’t care about that stuff. Although in fairness to Ortega, despite the kefiyyeh, he seems a little more pragmatic and less ideological than Castro or Chavez.

Ortega said his visit was intended “to improve relations between the two countries,” according to IRNA.

But Ortega also stressed that even as Nicaragua is strengthening ties with Iran, the country also wants to work closely with the United States, the news agency said.
Ortega said his country and Iran had agreed to “support each other to help Nicaragua” end its poverty.

I’m afraid Iran will prove to be of little use to Nicaragua when it comes to ending poverty.

(Hat tip: Hamid Tehrani at Global Voices.)