Normblog Beatles Poll Results

01 (36) – A Day In The Life
02 (35) – Eleanor Rigby
03 (31) – Hey Jude
03 (31) – Yesterday
05 (25) – Here Comes The Sun
06 (21) – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
07 (18) – In My Life
08 (17) – Let It Be
08 (17) – Strawberry Fields Forever
10 (16) – Something

The full results are here.

We were asked to choose five songs, in no particular order.

Mine were:

Dear Prudence
Norwegian Wood
Ticket to Ride
Hey Jude
Here Comes the Sun

Brownie adds:

Mine were (again in no particular order):

Here, There and Everywhere
Across the Universe
Things We Said Today
And your Brid Can Sing
Let it Be

Obviously, these polls are by definition highly subjective and it’s to be expected that, with so many great songs to choose from, opinions will vary; but whilst I can see merit in the vast majority of songs featuring prominently in the poll results, I just can’t fathom the popularity of ‘Eleanor Rigby’.

Can a fan of this cheery ditty please explain the appeal?