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Proliferation of Dancing Cows

Channel 4 news has commissioned a GKK/NOP poll of British muslim attitudes on 7/7. 500 people were interviewed. The results are here.

Has the government told the whole truth about the 7 July bombings?

No: 59%

Were the four men identified as the bombers actually responsible for the attacks?

No: 24%

Also, this:

52% believe that the British security services have “made up” evidence to convict terrorist suspects.

24% believe the four men identified as the July 7th bombers were not actually responsible for the attacks.

68% believe that the Muslim community does not bear any responsibility for the emergence of extremists willing to attack UK targets. Although 58% felt that the community should be doing more.

Channel 4’s online report on the conspiracy theories in circulation strikes me as a somewhat agnostic about the truth.

How depressing.

RESPECT’s Dr Naseem must be delighted.

We can only guess what non-muslims think happened.

(Hat tip: tim)