Iranian TV pushes denial

Following last December’s disgusting conference in Tehran, Iranian TV has broadcast a program denying the Holocaust.

The one redeeming feature is that it’s such incompetent and self-contradictory propaganda that it’s hard to believe it could actually persuade anyone– although perhaps I’m being too optimistic here.

The program includes extended interviews with two French deniers: the relatively apolitical liberal Robert Faurisson and Georges Thiel, aka Gilbert Dubreuil. Both participated in the Tehran conference.

Several of the program’s claims– especially about the allegedly extensive cooperation between Nazis and Zionists– are frequently made by both the far Right and the far Left.

I’m not going to open the comments boxes because inevitably a handful of deniers would try to hijack the thread, and the reality of the Holocaust is not a subject for debate here.

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Update: Michael Ezra wrote about the history of Holocaust denial and revisionism in the February issue of the Engage Journal.