UK Politics

“A courageous voice against the Muslim bullyboys”

Mary Ann Sieghart in The Times today writes about the Giraffe Heroes Project an American organisation that celebrates the lives of ordinary people who stick their necks out for the common good.

Sieghart is making her own nomination in light of the arrests of the Muslim extremists in Birmingham arrested over the “behead a squaddie plot”.

She nominates Gina Khan who she interviews in today’s T2 section. Khan, a Birmingham-born mother of two, has been taking on the Muslim extremists and facing down the jihadists who are giving Muslims a bad name.

“With great frankness and fearlessness, she laments the capture of her area of Birmingham by jihadist radicals. She describes how mosques and madrassas have sprung up like mushrooms on almost every street corner, dedicated not to helping the community but to spreading the message of jihad; how preachers are indoctrinating the young to hate Christians and Jews; how her community is in denial about the radicals in its ranks; and how the mullahs collude in sanctioning forced marriages and polygamy.”

“She was born here, of Pakistani parents, and says that she loves this country and is proud to be British. She has embraced this nation’s values, is grateful for the protection and opportunities it has offered her and has no problem reconciling her race or religion with her nationality. She would be happy if her son joined the police or the British Army.”

Khan has a simple message for nonMuslim Britain: “Open your eyes” and do not be blinded by what’s on your doorstep. Clearly, we’re an eyes open community here, so read on.