Persepolis: the movie

Marjane Satrapi is helping to make an animated film version of her great graphic novel “Persepolis,” The New York Times reports.

persepolis film.jpg

I’ve posted before about “Persepolis,” which deals with Satrapi’s childhood in Iran before, during and after the 1979 revolution– and how that revolution betrayed its secular and leftwing supporters.

Even if you’ve never read a graphic novel; even if you find the very idea of a graphic novel repugnant; even if you think everything I’ve ever written here is wrong; you should get hold of a copy of “Persepolis.”

Satrapi– who is among the Iranian exiles signing a letter denouncing the recent Holocaust denial conference in Tehran– says the movie is better than the book. It should be something to see.

(Hat tip: Jeff Weintraub.)