National Bolsheviks

Is there a more shudder-inducing flag than that of the National Bolshevik movement (a bizarre amalgam of fascist and Communist ideology) in Russia?

national bolsheviks.jpg

And who invited them to a pro-democracy demonstration in Moscow? And if they weren’t invited, why weren’t they asked to leave?

Update: Former chess champion Garry Kasparov, a leader of the opposition Other Russia movement, has defended the inclusion of the National Bolsheviks, “saying that they have all agreed on common principles in support of free speech and democracy.” I fear his grasp of politics does not equal his grasp of chess.

(Hat tip: Andrew in the comments.)

Further update: More on Russia’s NBP here.

At present, the party membership is around 15,000, with regional departments throughout Russia and a headquarters in Moscow. The party is known for attracting young people on the margin of society, from delinquents to vanguard intellectuals and artists.

Check out the armbands.