Rallying for Rosales

Caracas’s “privileged blonde elite” turned out is surprisingly large numbers for opposition candidate Manuel Rosales’s final campaign rally before he faces President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela’s December 3 election.

Venezuelan blogger Daniel Duquenal writes in a photo-report:

Today was the largest march/rally [in Venezuela] ever, and probably the last one. If Chavez loses on December 3, there will not be as much incentive. If Chavez wins, he will make sure that such a slap never happens to him again.

I suppose that just as “election pressure” forced Chavez to call off his oil deal with Ken Livingstone, it has limited his usually extensive foreign travels. Which perhaps explains that large gap on the sofa between his friends Presidents Ahmadinejad and Mugabe.

where's hugo.jpg

(Hat tip: Mick Hartley.)