Pathetic things

The Israeli website has a video of the precise moment that a Qassam rocket launched from Gaza struck a factory in the Israeli town of Sderot Tuesday, critically injuring Yaakov Yaakobov (you can see him in the picture just before the explosion). The 43-year-old forklift driver later died of his injuries.

“Well, rockets are pretty pathetic things. Nobody gets injured, they are homemade, and you well know they have nothing much stronger than an AK-47: no RPGs, they have no weapons and you are delivering some of the most sophisticated bombardment that has ever been subjected to a defenseless people.”
–Channel Four’s Jon Snow, during an interview last summer with the Israeli deputy ambassador to London, trying to minimize the Qassams launched from Gaza into Israel. As far as I know, he has never acknowledged his error.

Brett adds:

Cartoonish ‘anti-zionist’ campaingnerTony Greenstein has commented here in the past that these rockets are mere “pea shooters”.