With ‘Friends’ Like These

Iraq recently restored diplomatic relations with Syria in an attempt to halt Syrian support for the ‘militants’ who are attempting to render the former country ungovernable.

I wonder how sensible that act might be considered after today’s news:

The Lebanese Christian leader Pierre Gemayel, an outspoken critic of Syria, has been shot dead in a suburb of Beirut today.
Witnesses said gunmen opened fire as Mr Gemayel’s convoy drove through the Christian neighbourhood of Jdeideh, his constituency, on the northern edge of Beirut.

Mr Gemayel – who was shot in broad daylight – was rushed to hospital, but later died of his wounds.

Suspicion immediately fell on Syria, which is also accused of being behind the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri last year.

Mr Hariri’s son Saad told CNN that the “hand of Syria” was behind today’s murder. “Today, one of our main believers in a free democratic Lebanon has been killed,” he said. “We believe the hand of Syria is all over [this].”

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Gene adds: I wonder how long before some Syrian or Hezbollah official rounds up the usual suspect?

Gene adds: In answer to my question: not long at all.