Hizbollah: We Blame the Masons

I’ve been browsing the latest edition of the academic journal, Palestine Internationalist: a journal which is run by the Khomenist Islamist grouping, the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Much of its content is pedestrian and plodding: consisting as it does of articles by, and about, the tenured Israeli professor and self-publicist, Ilan Pappe

However, I would recommend this article by Rima Fakhry, the only woman member of Hizbullah’s Political Council.

Rima explains why Israel took military action against Hizbullah. It was not, she explains, the product of the kidnapping from Israel of two soldiers, or a response to Hizbollah’s Katyusha strikes into Northern Israel.

Rather, explains Rima, a series complicated political and military factors influenced the decision of Israel to go to war, including:

Limiting the spread of the Islamic religion and the abolishment of all its symbols and the curtailment of its sacred places for the sake of Masonry and Christian-Zionism.

You and I might think that this sort of talk indicates the level of conspiracism and foolishness which passes for political theory amongst Islamists. But have no fear. I leave the last word to Rima Fakhry:

[L]et everyone be confident that this Resistance is strong, full of courage, advanced, and knows very well its way, and will never be defeated.

Gene adds: Wait a minute. Is she blaming Israel’s military action on these guys?


Gene adds: Ms. Fakhry participated in an IHRC International Conference (“Towards a New Liberation Theology – Reflections on Palestine”) at the SOAS in London last year.