What’s going on here?

On Wednesday afternoon, I was showing a friend from South Africa around London. As we walked from Charing Cross station towards Trafalgar Square we heard quite a commotion coming from the opposite pavement. Being a journalist, she was quite eager to see what it was all about. “Good heavens,” said I, “that’s right outside South Africa House!”

I took the snap above on my camera phone (hence the poor quality) as we approached.

The protest was by a group of Zimbabweans angy that Thabo Mbeki will not take the lead in a regional effort to do something about Robert Mugabe’s regime.

The Institute of War and Peace Reporting has a critical piece outlining exactly what Thabo Mbeki’s failings on this issue are. And this is why Zimbabwean activists have moved down The Strand from the Zimbawean embassy towards South Africa House.

By the way, can you guess which British politician is swanning around on the world stage with Robert Mugabe – promoting “peace” (of all things)?

Click on the extended entry to find out.

Gene adds: The fellow in the blue shirt sitting between Mugabe and Galloway is none other than HSH himself, Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein.