We Are All Credulous Buffoons Now

Hazem Saghieh, political editor of the London-based Arab newspaper al-Hayat would laugh at Western leftists chanting support for Hezbollah on demonstrations, but can’t because it’s just not funny:

If Karl Marx knew that his followers had donned Iranian clerics’ robes, he would be turning in his grave.


Here’s a couple of events Western Leftists have been forced to turn a blind eye to so they can cheerfully glorify Nasrallah and his Iranian funded gunmen on their ‘peace’ marches.

First the heroic Hez’s traditional method of dealing with the Lebanese left:

Between them Hizbollah and Amal, the other main Shi’a movement, killed several communist leaders and intellectuals, so as to monopolise the resistance to Israel and annex it to Syria and Iran.

Secondly, unsightly female appendages:

At its outset, members of the movement in the Beka’a valley, accompanied by Iranian “Revolutionary Guards”, used to spray girls’ legs with acid, because their skirts did not cover their knees and their faces were not veiled.

Even after the intellectuals had been cowed and the young girls maimed into burkhas Hezbollah continued to bring disaster to Lebanon:

After Israel withdrew its forces from Lebanon in 2000, Hizbollah persevered with its “resistance”, and in so doing served non-Lebanese interests, fracturing both the state (the key to all political progress) and the national consensus (the key to all democratic progress)

We are all Hezbollah now? Only the wilfully deluded and the irredeemably dopey.