Michael Williams on Lieberman’s Defeat

There is an interesting letter in this week’s Economist, from Michael Williams: the Head of the Transatlantic Programme, Royal United Services Institute, London.

SIR – It was not only anti-war lefties and doves that gravitated away from Joe Lieberman in Connecticut’s Democratic primary but also hawkish “Joe Biden” Democrats such as myself (“An anti-war centre begins to hold”, August 12th). I did admire Mr Lieberman for a long time, and he is by no means the only Democrat to think the Iraq war is the right course of action to take. However, his unapologetic support for George Bush’s conduct of the war and the administration’s violation of civil liberties and disregard for America’s tradition in international justice (coupled with the fact that he buys into the Republican mantra that criticism of the government is unpatriotic) were just too much for most Democrats. Mr Lieberman needed to be put in check.