Argentine “leftists” block demonstration at Iranian embassy

Does anyone know anything about a “leftwing” group in Argentina called Quebracho?

They blocked a demonstration by Jewish groups in front of the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires protesting Iran’s support for Hezbollah. (A report in Spanish is here.)

According a notice on Quebracho’s website:

Desde el MPR QUEBRACHO convocamos a movilizar a la Embajada de la República Islámica de Irán, para expresar nuestra solidaridad con este pueblo hermano ante la intolerancia de la Juventud Sionista que pretende trasladar la prepotencia del Estado Terrorista de Israel a nuestras tierras.

Well, why not? If you’re going to glorify Hezbollah’s fight for self-determination and dignity, why not extend your glorification to the Islamic Republic whose generous contributions of money and arms make that noble struggle possible?

As for those bus drivers in Tehran, well… I suppose other things are more important now.

(Hat tip: normblog.)