The Left

Show us the Shekels #2

The Electoral Commission has now published declared donations to political parties during the second quarter of 2006. The list of donations to RESPECT can be viewed here.

It appears that George Galloway STILL has not donated his £150,000 Big Brother fee to fund RESPECT, as his spokesman claimed he would:

A spokesman for Mr Galloway said he did not think the MP would profit from his involvement with Celebrity Big Brother. “He is using the money to hire two constituency workers. He already has one more worker than he is paid for,” he said.

He added that Mr Galloway was also donating cash to his party for new offices in his east London constituency.

And why indeed should he? RESPECT should be honoured that a man of Galloway’s international standing agrees to help them out at all, on those days he isn’t busy appearing on TalkSPORT, glorifying Hizbollah or begging for more cash.

They should be paying him.