The Imams of Corruption and Hatred

Adel Darwish, writing in Asharq Alawsat, says:

The main problem lies in finding the way to combat terrorism, which is an impossible task if we do not defeat its ideology, as Blair mentioned in his Los Angeles lecture and at his press conference last week. At any other time or in any other era prior to the emergence of the hard-line fundamental Islam, Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others, these British-born young men would have been proud of belonging to their country, Britain, and would have been loyal to their country in which they live and on whose ground they earn their livelihoods.

The danger is that these young men have been brainwashed, and now they do not recognize the national belonging to the country, and they consider themselves to belong to a mythical expression some people call “Islamic Caliphate,” or what they think to be an Islamic nation. This is similar to the utterance pronounced publicly by the general guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, “To hell with Egypt, the father of Egypt, and those who established Egypt.” Therefore, these brainwashed Muslim Britons say “to hell” with Britain, to which their parents emigrated voluntarily looking for a culturally and economically better life, and they were not forced by anyone to come here. These young men say, or are taught to say “to hell” with life itself when they turn themselves into human suicide bombs.

The imams of corruption and hatred lied to these young men when they promised them that they would go to Paradise. Would any rational person believe that a person who committed suicide and who killed dozens of women and children will go to Paradise?

Perhaps for the hundredth time I join those who called in the past for expelling the imams of evil and hatred from Britain. In the absence of a religious affairs ministry, the Friday sermons and lessons ought to be subjected to the Interior Ministry through the supervision of Islamic academics, and they all should be delivered in English. If any of these imams did not want to master the English language, or refused to be integrated in Britain and to live as a Briton according to the laws and culture of the country, then he would be free to go back to where he came from, the same as he was free to come here. This is particularly true if he does not like the British way of life, and he considers it infidelity, he should leave this infidelity, go to the land from which he came, and join the society he likes.

At the same time, let the leftwing and liberal tendencies abandon political correctness, which they justify on the basis of respecting their cultural peculiarities. This is a fallacy, and a method that will lead to the isolation of Muslims, and their being locked up in a cultural “Ghetto” or “Muslim reservation,” which in turn will create those who will install themselves as leaders of Muslims and lead them to perdition.

This is the legal aspect. As for the social, political, and cultural aspects, law alone is not sufficient. Purging Islam and Muslim communities in Britain of harmful ideas is up to the Muslims themselves. They could kick the imams of evil and the promoters of terrorism out of Britain, so that Britain remains the country of tolerance and amicability, and the capital of the Arabs and Muslims in the western countries.