The Guardian and the Caliphate

In case you were wondering what the Guardian’s Middle East Editor, Brian Whitaker, was up to as Lebanon crisis continues he’s heading for Islamic magazine New Civilisation, which among other things considers Israel a terrorist state and wants to see a worldwide Caliphate, to chair a debate on the subject.

The magazine has also been revealed as a front for Hizb’ut Tahrir, the group that former Guardian trainee reporter Dilpazier ‘We rock the boat’ Aslam was a member of.

Whitaker will chair tomorrow’s debate on how lasting peace can be achieved. If you read the magazine’s editorial stance its pretty clear on that issue:

“Future wars against Syria and Iran would be unlikely if the Caliphate is present due to the achievement of a balance of power in the region. The Caliphate will bring greater geo-political stability to the region characterised by dictatorships, foreign occupations and ethnic distrust.”

Well whoopee for the Caliphate. That’s one balance of power I would be keen on not seeing.

It gets better though. Alan Hart is also talking. He is billed as former ITN and BBC Panorama reporter, but is probably better known for his book ‘Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews’.

Phew, I thought it was the hundreds of Iranian rockets being fired over the border.

Update Brian Whitaker has since posted below to say that he is no longer chairing the meeting after discovering the Hizb’ut Tahrir connection. Fair enough.

Update 2 Ami has posted this below: This email notification from Henry Jackson Soc is now circulating: Please note that Dr. Alan Mendoza (HJS), Dr. Mamoun Fandy (IISS) and Brian Whittaker (The Guardian) have all withdrawn from tomorrow night’s debate on the Israel-Lebanon crisis hosted by New Civilisation, and the IISS has requested removal of its formal association with it. Considerable controversy has arisen surrounding contributors from the extreme Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir to New Civilisation and we would therefore recommend non-attendance at this event.

That about wraps it up. No one is having anything to do with New Civilisation/Hizb ut-Tahrir and hopefully the event will be a washout. No hard feelings Brian.