Dueling demos

This Zombie person obviously has a rightwing bias, but he or she does a good job of photographing various demonstrations in the San Francisco area.

He or she has posted photos of the ANSWER Coalition’s anti-Israel, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Hamas rally last week in front of the Israeli Consulate. Fortunately an approximately equal number of Israel defenders turned out on the other side of the street. (I hope that sort of thing catches on.)

dueling flags2.jpg

The “Smash the Jewish State” guy was there with a new, equally offensive sign. I suppose that once again, none of his fellow demonstrators suggested that it might be, um, antisemitic.

jewish state guy.jpg

Certainly not this guy, who (according to Zombie) “repeatedly made a ‘money-grubbing Jew’ gesture.”


(Hat tip: Judeosphere.)

Update: As a matter of fairness, I should note how the anti-Israel demonstrators were incited by the vicious, mean-spirited slogans on the pro-Israel side: