Snow job

Did anyone catch Jon Snow’s appalling “interview” of the deputy Israeli ambassador to London a couple of weeks ago on Channel 4?

The deputy ambassador was obviously caught flat-footed by Snow’s bullying questions, and provided a pretty lame response.

But Snow’s ignorance of events in Israel was downright Pilgeresque, especially when he tried to minimize the Qassam rockets launched from Gaza into Israeli territory:

Well, rockets are pretty pathetic things. Nobody gets injured, they are homemade, and you well know they have nothing much stronger than an AK-47: no RPGs, they have no weapons and you are delivering some of the most sophisticated bombardment that has ever been subjected to a defenseless people. Is it an act of terror would you say?

Wrong, Jon. People do get injured, even by those “pathetic” rockets. In fact, people get killed by them. Here are two of those– cousins and children of Ethiopian immigrants living in Sderot.

If you don’t know this much about Israel, you have no business going on the air and acting as if you know anything at all.