RIP Alan Senitt

Alan Senitt, a 27-year Briton, was murdered early Sunday in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC, The Washington Post reports.

An activist dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism and promoting Israel, Senitt served twice as the elected head of the Union of Jewish Students, which represents about 5,000 college students in Britain.

Later, Senitt worked for Greville Janner, a member of the House of Lords from Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Labor Party who founded the Co-Existence Trust, a group that promotes Muslim-Jewish relations.

Last month, Senitt quit that job and moved to Washington to volunteer for [former Virginia governor Mark] Warner’s potential presidential campaign and study political fundraising. Senitt was a Labor candidate this year for the council in the northwest London neighborhood where he was raised. He lost, but Danny Stone, a friend who took over at the Co-Existence Trust, said Senitt was committed to a life in politics.

What a terrible loss.

Update: More about Alan Senitt here.