Joel Achenbach of The Washington Post writes about the increasing blogospherization (believe it or not, according to Google I’m the first person ever to use that word) of the mainstream media.

Soon, articles published online will typically have their own little comment area. You will be able to read the story and immediately opine, as well as read the opinions of the other opiners. Eventually we’ll take this to yet another level, and allow comments between paragraphs. Because readers shouldn’t be treated like second-class citizens. All hierarchies must be shattered. In theory there is no reason why comments couldn’t be permitted inside individual sentences, like this:

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke [a total fascist — Skippy] signaled Thursday that he will support [as always, Skippy, you’re a complete twit — Onan the Barbarian] another quarter-point hike in the [off-topic, but does anyone know a good way to clean that disgusting fuzzy dust off the refrigerator coils? — Bert in Brookeville] prime lending rate.”

I think I could tolerate some of our off-topic commenters a bit more if they asked for practical advice like that. Better that than the (shudder) Meanwhilers.