Where it all went wrong…


Eriksson on his appointment to the England manager job in October 2000.

wardytron adds:

Of course, it’s not all bad news – at least regular Harry’s Place commenter Callum will be happy today:

I want England to get beat. I want them to be humiliated. I want them to be embarrassed and disgraced. I want everyone who’s flying the St. George’s Cross to be bitterly dissapointed. I want the little kids with the flag painted on their face to be distraught and cry so that the paint runs down their little cheeks. I want it to be as painful and excruciating as possible. I want to see Beckham crying. I want to see Rooney get injured really, really badly. I want to see them torn to shreds. I want to see their chauvinistic, fat, ugly, racist support, each and every one of them, deflated and looking as pathetic as possible.

Some chauvinistic, fat, ugly racists yesterday: