Swedish labels

Consternation in Sweden over Systembolaget, the state-owned alcohol retail monopoly (!) relabelling Israeli wines from the Golan Heights as “made in Israeli-occupied Syrian territories”. Apparently clients complained about this, and the Foreign Ministry recommended the new label.

Seems to me that the combination of booze and political education could be most productive. I look forward to Systembolaget’s labelling of Tsing-Tao beer as “manufactured by a Communist dictatorship that has illegally occupied Tibet for decades during which time hundreds of thousands have died but that doesn’t matter because China is a big market”, Stolichnaya vodka as “drink of choice for the regime that flattened Grozny with barely a whisper from the world because we need Russia’s help in the war on terror”, and so on.


Gene adds: After further complaints, Systembolaget has reversed the labeling policy for Golan-produced wines.