The Left

Dancing Cows

Time for another foray into the mind of Dr Mohammed “Dancing Cows” Naseem, the major declared backer of the RESPECT coalition, and one of their candidates in the last election.

Here is a copy of a leaflet, entitled “The Legacy of September 11th” handed out on a Stop the War march, and written by the great man himself.

Choice passage:

The people with motives in this crime have never been questioned. What we have instead is the names of a few unknowns who after 14 hours of flight training became so skillful that they could accomplish an ariel feat of such precision. What we have instead is the name of a loner, a known CIA recruit, sitting in a remote hiding place in Afghanistan where one is lucky to have electricity for two hours a day, but who is able to control a world wide organisation with precise information and direction, provides logistic support, moves financial resources through institutions which are fully controlled by the superpowers and their allies.

One has to be extremely naive to accept such a story. We are told that Al-Qaeda is a threat to the world. Obviously this is an organisation by the Muslims for the Muslims but the strange fact is that we – the Muslims – have never heard of it. We have never been approached by its operators; it does not seem to need our help. It must be a very self-contained, self supporting unit. It must be the most exclusive miracle of all times”