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Gorgeous George: Prince of Thieves

George Galloway has reportedly been in discussions with Sean Penn to film the MP’s lifestory:

Galloway sidekick Ron McKay is also to feature in the film,which documents their early days in Dundee through to their infamous meetings with the Iraqi dictator.

Film chiefs hope to cash in on Galloway’s popularity since he blasted the US Senate over Iraq.

McKay, a writer who shares a flat with Galloway in London, said”Sean Penn took us to his mansion and we all had a good laugh – George and Sean really hit it off.

“I have suggested Danny de Vito plays George and George Clooney plays me. I have no idea how serious it is though – we’re both a bit busy with other things.”

Well these last few words about being busy are certainly true. And they’re likely to become even busier now that half the public prosecutors on the Eastern Seaboard are on Galloway’s case.

I also have to wonder if Gorgeous George’s ‘popularity’ in America – assuming 1000 sales of his book allows the use of such a word – might not be a bit of a short-run thing if he ends up blackening the name of the anti-war movement in the States as succesfully as he has done here.

No prizes for the most appropriate movie title.