The Left

All Going Pear Shaped

Workers Liberty publishes American anti-war activist Greg Palast’s thoughts on a certain British counterpart:

It is a great irony that my investigations of Galloway began in 2003 when I DEFENDED him on Channel 4 television. I sought additional material from Galloway and other sources to bolster that defense and to my surprise, found more that damned him than supported him. As a journalist, I could not bury the findings.

The good news: following my notes, most American progressives distanced themselves from him and his book tour collapsed (sales, I’m told, of only a thousand copies). The major Left radio network, Pacifica, offered Galloway a chance to debate or challenge me on air. He hid.

The sad tale of George G ended on September 24 when I spoke at the giant Washington anti-war rally, covered nationally, along with Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in Iraq. Sheehan is America’s principal anti-war spokesperson. Mr. Galloway was not given an invitation to speak … so he was relegated to a pathetic rump rally which his fringe sponsors boosted by claiming Sheehan would speak there with him. She told me that she would make no such appearance.