Blog Quake Day

Today is Blog Quake Day.

Pickled Politics reports:

With nearly 70,000 dead, the earthquake in Kashmir has become a worse humanitarian nightmare for the UN than even the Tsunami.

It says governments have pledged only around 30% of what is really needed despite the continuing problems and more expected in the coming weeks.

Blogs from all over the world today have combined together to form Blog Quake Day to keep the disaster in the public arena and try and keep raising money for this humanitarian disaster.

According to Oxfam
UK $17.4m
US $10.8m
Sweden $10.5m
Canada $8.9m
Japan $8m
Netherlands $7.8m
Germany $3.9m
Italy $1.2m
France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Spain – $0

Links to charities working in the region can be found here.

Please donate generously.