Galloway in Chicago

I suppose it’s a sign of the general good sense of the people of metropolitan Chicago that– out of a population of more than 9 million– only 300 thought it worth their time and money to hear George Galloway speak Monday night. (The capacity of the auditorium where he spoke is 700.)

I knew there was a reason I like that town.

And apparently not everyone there was an admirer. The anti-Galloway Andrew Marcus provides some photos and recorded excerpts from the MP’s windy performance in the Windy City.

Check out these photos of some of Galloway’s fans outside the auditorium:


socialist worker.jpg


And please– don’t try to tell me the ZOG guy is not a fan. He certainly wasn’t there to protest against Gorgeous, was he?

In fact, I’m sure that if he and the Socialist Worker/Militant sellers had a chance to chat, they found more than a few things to agree on about the Zionist state.

Update: For those unclear on the origin and meaning of “ZOG,” see here.