Khan: Blame Blair Not Osama

Tube bomber.jpg

The BBC have invited reactions from the public on the video statement made by London tube bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan who admitted his inspiration was Osama Bin Laden and who described the death of 52 people and the maiming of many more as “a slap to the policy of British Prime Minister Tony Blair”.

Khan’s stated rationale for his acts comes under attack on the site:

His comments would be easier to stomach if it weren’t for the fact that his heroes Al Zarqawi and Bin Laden are the ones wreaking havoc on “his brothers and sisters” in Iraq.

Jonathan Roos, Cambridge, UK

Sidique Khan says that our democratically elected governments have been involved with the murder, bombing, gassing and torture of Muslims worldwide – but what, I wish I could ask him, was Saddam Hussain doing to his fellow Muslims for decades? Why was he never opposed by these people?

Kelvin Walker, Glos, UK

Time to revise that old BBC phrase from before the invention of the internet with regard to these points – answers on a postcard please.