Monitoring Bush: no action on Saudi religious rights

Last September I commended the Bush administration for naming Saudi Arabia as a country that severely violates religious freedoms. (I must have been feeling generous that day; I even found something nice to say about Michael Moore.)

By citing the Saudi regime, the administration was making it liable for sanctions under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (IRFA). And I added:

It will be worth watching to see if the administration follows up with sanctions if there is no improvement in the Saudis’ religious tolerance.

There has been no improvement and Bush hasn’t followed up.

Under the IRFA, the administration is required to “take action to oppose religious freedom violations” in Saudi Arabia within 90 days of making the designation. The administration can choose from among 15 actions, ranging from a condemnation to significant economic sanctions. But, more than 5 months after the 90 day deadline expired, the Bush administration has done nothing.

And hoped, I suppose, that no one would notice.