Unite against Terror: Ateeque Sharifi’s story

Alan and Franziska Norman

Ateeque Sharifi came to London from Kabul in 2002, after the Taliban killed his parents. He worked in a pizza bar and sent most of his earnings to his sister in Afghanistan. He went to college and learnt English from a woman teacher. He would help new students out when they didn’t know their way around. He dreamt of marrying and of becoming a computer expert. Sometimes he went to Friday prayers at the local mosque, but the gym was his real passion. On 7 July 2005 he died in a tube train at King’s Cross. People are debating ‘links’ between the bombings and the conflicts in the Middle East. For us the link is very simple. Ateeque’s killer acted in solidarity with the killers of his parents. Signing the statement is the least we can do to show sympathy and solidarity with his friends and his remaining family.

We dedicate our signatures to Ateeque.

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