Anti Fascism

Hate Crimes

All newspapers are reportng the following disturbing figures:

Attacks on Muslims have soared in London since the 7 July bombings, according to police figures. There were 269 “religious hate” crimes, compared with 40 in the same period last year, the figures show.

Most were verbal abuse or minor assaults, but also include damage to property, including mosques and have a great “emotional impact”, police said.

It is not clear whether the figures relate exclusively to attacks on muslims, or whether they also include those racist attacks on asians of other faiths which will simultaneously be taking place.

We’ve seen, in the post below, how the racists and theocrats not only share the same aims, but how they make common cause. The Left has long known that unity is the only response to the strategy of divide and rule. Now, more than ever, we need to come together to fight the fascism of the far-green and the far-right.