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MPACUK, neo-Nazis share antisemitic picture

Thanks to Luke in the thread below for pointing me to this page at the website of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the UK. The article is the usual “blame it all on the Zionists and the Jews” stuff, but the graphic– of a devil-like figure peering out from behind an American flag– is, I hope everyone will agree, pure antisemitic hate worthy of Der Stürmer.

And no wonder. MPACUK borrowed the graphic from a neo-Nazi website called

(Update: The graphic has mysteriously vanished from the MPACUK website, but thanks to commenter Spiritualized for getting a screen grab of it.)

Asghar Bukhari of MPACUK appeared last month on the BBC’s Newsnight and was later described by editor Peter Barron as “a young moderate Muslim who was outspokenly critical of what he saw as the imams’ failure to curb extremism in Muslim communities.” (Again the question: moderate compared to whom?)

The evidence of MPACUK’s virulent antisemitism has been available for years to anyone who cared to seek it out. Writing in 2003 for a website of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, Dave Rich revealed:

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee have used their website to reproduce material taken from the sites of both David Irving and The Heretical Press (a far right publisher based in Hull)… Often when Islamist organisations use far right sources it reveals a deeper antisemitism. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee’s reproduction of material from the far right sits on their website alongside open support for Holocaust denier David Irving, accusations of Zionist media and political control, lists of Jewish donors to New Labour and an investigation into whether the Talmud is “the most Powerful and Racist book in the world”. In one example which neatly illustrates the growing commonalities between political extremes, the Islamist Muslim Public Affairs Committee published an article by Professor Kevin MacDonald – who appeared as a witness for David Irving in his failed libel action against Professor Deborah Lipstadt – on the subject which is currently of so much interest to the far left and the anti-war movement: the “International Jewish Origins of Neoconservatism”.

MPACUK is an affiliate of the Stop the War Coalition. Is this grounds for expulsion?

Didn’t think so.