Unite Against Terror: Omar (Iraq the Model)

When I received the invitation to sign the statement posted on this site I didn’t waste a minute and I signed with my name at once.

A large part of my enthusiasm when it comes to confronting terrorism is basically because I live in Iraq; a country that has been suffering the most from terror attacks through the last couple of years, thus I can feel for people when they become under terror attacks even though those people lived thousands of miles away.

Unfortunately some of us bear the misconception that the war waged by terrorists puts ethnicity or religion in consideration and that is far from being accurate. Terrorism is not a Sunni vs. She’at conflict, it’s not Muslims vs. Christians and/or Jews and it’s not East vs. West; that’s what events have revealed to us.

Terrorism is targeting every beautiful and good thing in our world, from Indonesia to Baghdad to Jerusalem to London and to New York.

I am Muslim, I am Sunni, I am Arab and I am determined to do whatever I can to stop the terrorists from destroying our world.

Some of us already enjoy their freedoms and live in democratic societies; others (like my country-men and women) are working hard to protect and extend their freedoms and establish a strong democratic nation.

But all of us have a common enemy; that is terrorism and no matter what differences exist among our different societies and cultures, we must stay alert and unite our efforts against terror.

Please do not think that I’m supporting this administration or that policy, what I’m trying to defend is the way of living we all want for ourselves and our children.”

Sign the statement, and forward it to your friends and colleagues.