UK Politics


Here are three viewpoints:

Normal work-a-day Muslims must “out-shout” the extremists and diffuse their bogus agenda of creating a uniform identity out of a multi-cultural faith. This means re-claiming Islam from the people who have led us to believe that they are more Islamic, more religious and more righteous than their fellow-Muslims simply because they have more hate. For too long have we allowed these deluded cranks to be given the role of our mouth-piece.
Faisal, London UK

Another step towards destroying Islam through apology. Mr Ramadan needs to stop wasting his time being a guest of the West and instead defend Islam. Intellectual debate is one thing but pretending Islam is a personal worship devoid of a penal code and god-given punishment system is not believable to anyone. I disagree with him on many things and I know that as a Muslim brother we share a bond of belief that not power of Bush, Blair or Nation can destroy.
Rizwan Abu Taqwa, London UK

My childhood devastated me as I contended with two opposing worlds, both of which sought to control my choices and led me to rebel, and feel anger towards my home culture and its opposite the outside. My children will be taught to make brave decisions: I tell them look to the good in all cultures and know that you are a British, European and Muslim. Muslim children need a break, they need the chance to breathe and live without guilt.
N Malek, London UK