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Galloway attacks Ellman as “Israel’s MP”

At a meeting in Liverpool, George Galloway attacked the Jewish MP Louise Ellman as “Israel’s MP on Merseyside.”

He said his Respect Coalition will run a candidate against her in the next election. Perhaps after his victory against Oona King in Bethnal Green and Bow, he figures female Jewish MPs are prime targets for Respect.

Mrs Ellman said today: “I did not know I disturbed him so much that he felt he had to talk about me. I do not know quite what to say about his comments.

“I always argue for what I believe in, which includes internationally seeking justice for all.”

Here is what Louise Ellman said last year about Israel and Palestine:

The Palestinians must unambiguously accept the legitimacy of Israel; renounce terrorism and preaching anti-Semitic hatred, including Holocaust denial.

The Israelis must explicitly recognise – as most already do – the legitimacy of a Palestinian state based on territories taken in the defensive war of 1967. Jerusalem must be shared.

Of course anyone who speaks like this is, by Galloway’s standards, an Arab-hating Zionist.

More than 500 people attended the meeting. It was designed to launch their local election campaign for May 2006 and was addressed by the group’s most prominent activists.

A man, believed to be a member of the British National Party, was marched out of the meeting before Mr Galloway was due to speak. Witnesses said he had been shouting abusive slogans.

I’m sure if he had listened, he would have found more than a few things to agree with.

(Hat tip to commenter Tim.)

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