UK Politics

“The Jews, no, no…”

When asked about [charges of antisemitism] at City Hall in July, in front of TV cameras from all over the world, Dr al-Qaradawi reiterated his often stated view that ‘we do not hold any enmity towards the Jews’ and that ‘Judaism is regarded as a message with a divine origin and a high status’…
Why the Mayor of London will maintain dialogues with all of London’s faiths and communities (pdf), issued by the Greater London Authority, January 2005

After all the taxpayers’ money that London Mayor Ken Livingstone spent to prove that his “honored guest” of last year, Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, does not really hate the Jews, the sheikh himself had to go and shoot his mouth off again on Qatar TV (transcript here).

I wonder if it’s too late to invite him to speak at Marxism 2005?